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Fallout 4’s Nuka World, and Video Games Doing Cinema

In many ways, this is a part II to a previous blog on Fallout 4‘s Nick Valentine, and how codes and conventions of well-known, distinctly American cinematic genres—in that case the crime/noir/detective film—are often used as access points through which many video games reinterpret and represent the past. Here, I want to briefy talk about the new (and final) addition to the Fallout 4 universe, the Nuka World DLC pack, and how it similarly pays reference to the western genre (something that I’ve been looking at in my current PhD research too).

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But first, I want to start with my first impressions of the DLC more, since I’ve more or less ended up entirely hating all of the others.

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What is it with Fallout and American Historical Memory?

N.B. My intention is to keep blogging about Fallout 4 as I go, commenting on anything I find particularly interesting or noteworthy in terms of historical representation or memory. If anyone who reads this wants to point me in the direction of something they think should be written about, get in touch!

And, of course, there will be spoilers.

After less than a week since its release, Fallout 4 is already making history: but in more ways than one.

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