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Seeing and Hearing the Past in Video Games

Videogames with historical (or counter-historical) settings often mimic and recreate popular media images of the ‘real world’ as the basis for their virtual environments. Of course, this is a necessity for texts which consciously try to build highly detailed, immersive and interactive virtual landscapes, depicting ‘the past’, in an effort toward facilitating ‘authentic’ player experiences.

But though a technologically advanced and unquestionably postmodern medium, many contemporary video game creators also recreate and utilise ‘old media’ materials, placing these texts and items in-game to be collected or accessed by players.

Fallout 4_20160226150431

Clearly, I’m a collector (Fallout 4)

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Follow the Past, Find the ‘Future’: Fallout 4’s Freedom Trail

This blog post follows from the previous, general look at the use of the past in Bethesda’s Fallout series, and more specifically, the repeated reference to and use of American historical memory as the foundation for alternate-history narratives. Here, one Fallout 4 quest is discussed at in more detail, ‘Road to Freedom’.

Chris Sullentrop of Kotaku already blogged about ‘Approaching Fallout 4 like a tourist’,  and how this one quest in particular allows the player to ‘role-play’ as one. But there is arguably more to the use of these historic sites than giving players the chance to be tourists.

(Trying to keep spoilers to a minimum, but obviously, for this quest in particular, they’re unavoidable). 

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